Over a decade ago I met William Morris during the opening of his museum show in New York City and was so moved by his work I immediately dreamed of one day exploring the cinematic possibilities apparent in his art.

Four years ago through a mutual friend we would have the chance to meet again----this time the sole purpose was to discuss the possibility of making a documentary.  Here was a chance to explore not just Morris’ art, but his inspirations, and his human realities. To weave together the majesty of nature, his art and the kinetic energy found in a glass-blowing hotshop was such an appealing challenge, a spectacular opportunity.

Although an extreme oversimplification, Bill’s life can be broken down into three components: the public persona through his exhibitions in the world’s foremost museums and galleries, the hotshop where he produces his stunning artwork and time away from work where his diverse experiences throughout the world influence his aesthetic decisions.  Even a few hours spent with him allows you to understand you cannot draw a clear distinction among these three aspects of his life, and in attempting to tell this story I hoped to build a structure that would reflect this dynamic juxtaposition. Weaving interviews with Bill, his team members, and his collaborators, allows us to view him in a multi-dimensional way.  Traveling to distant shores and across mountain peaks, the audience can see first hand what inspires Morris.  We have put a camera in some exciting places to capture this film: 12,500 feet in the air on a paraglider, hanging off a cliff face while rock climbing, walking through flowing lava fields and under water with sharks in the blue waters of Hawaii. 

Bill Morris shows us a man comfortable with his life today, yet still uncertain about his next destination.  Bill Morris’ art and life connect the past and the present with the future in the most astonishing and inspirational ways.  For me this has become a dream realized.

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