Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Friday, May 30, 2008

William Arnold, P-I Movie Critic

The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly
Fall 2008 issue

Freeze Frame
By Benjamin Lozovsky

Seattle Weekly Pick
May 28, 2008

By Frank Paiva

This documentary will thrill casual art fans. The movie is full of fascinating studio scenes in which Morris and his crew cut, shape, and manipulate molten glass as if it were safe and easy.

On Screen Magazine
Spring/Summer 2008 issue

Breaking Through
By Molly Norris

Excerpts from the article:

“Morris seems constantly on the move, jogging through hills early mornings scantly clad, paragliding, swimming with sharks, spear fishing, and scaling cliffs. This doesn’t include the action in the hot shop when he hoists molten glass and steel-blowing pipes from furnace to the work bench and back.” “Themes of integrity, intuition, nature, fame, and thinking for yourself to solve your own problems, weave throughout Creative Nature.”

John J. Archibald

Creative Nature - an equally unique documentary film -- a documentary film like no other you have ever seen.”

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